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Submitted on
September 16, 2013


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Halloween Contest! - ENDS TODAY!!!! HURRY!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 16, 2013, 12:11 PM

To gain a happier approach to the future... NEW CONTEST!
Halloween contest sadly alongside Christmas will have a 50 point prize instead of 100... due to financial issues

+If you donate they can be raised.

Hey There My Creepy Roses! :heart: :blackrose:

This is an early start to the Halloween contest, now this begins now because considering the fact it is Autumn, and things, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

The thing about this contest is that it does not revolve around Amy specifically... This one! Is ANY sonic officials alongside fan-characters if you wish, celebrating the Halloween season in an original yet fun way!

The Judges For This Contest Will Be:

  1. DoIan
  2. icefatal
  3. MattMiles
  4. DerpingKing

Possibly also, Mr-Herp-Derp if he wishes to or even ConnallRobotnik8 if one of the judges are absent.

Judges can enter, but they will not be biast on their own works, I'll make sure the won't.

Things That Will Catch Judge Attentions:

:star: Originality - Unlikely events, costumes! If these are included, it will be a bonus!

:star: Detail - Detailed pieces mean a lot, detail can show effort and commitment. 

:star: References - Believe me, we really enjoy references if you can make them.

:star: Themed Work - Not just Halloween, something like Romance, Comedy...

These really make us enjoy the meaning of the image much more!

Rules (What You Can and CAN NOT do!)

Rule #1 = No extreme sex, gore is accepted but sex is just... too much. Sorry.

Rule #2 = You must link or state that you have completed the entry when you have.

Rule #3 = You must attempt to complete by deadline, if not able to, it will either be extended or you will be disqualified.

Rule #4 = You can allow racial comedy, sensitive material as well as any other censors (including minor sexual just not EXTREME) as long as you know the consequences coming with it or possibly act mature about the matter in other cases.

Rule #5 = Fetishes can be used, but not in active sex modes (Like drawing paws and stuff... idk)

Rule #6 = Swaps are allowed as long as you state them in the description.

Rule #7 = We do accept stories alongside pictures, you may get some support for doing a really good story and a crappy picture. (Which is highly unlikely because you all seemed to draw really good in the last contest o_o )

Rule #8 = Have fun, do not get stressed ! If it becomes too much to cope, state this and I will attempt comfort or ways to help you out.

Rule #9 = You are authorized to use the Amies-Roses FC or Furry. (Also Lucy if you really wish to), again, this is only optional.

Rule 10 = It's an unlimited amount of people you can have in a picture as well as can produce more than one entry.

Rule 11 = Respect other entries... DON'T COPY! REALLY...


  1. :bulletorange: :iconaerithechidna4rt: AerithEchidna4rt
  2. <da:thumb id="408092010"/> :bulletgreen: :iconconnallrobotnik8: ConnallRobotnik8
  3. :bulletgreen: :iconxvannix: XvanniX
  4. Rosesx Contest Entry by IamNotcrazyYouare :bulletgreen: :iconiamnotcrazyyouare: IamNotcrazyYouare
  5. :bulletorange: :iconshadowsophie: shadowsophie
  6. :bulletorange: :iconbunbri: bunbri
  7. :bulletorange: :icondove-staar: Dove-Staar
  8. :bulletblack: :iconbeybladerkingdom: :devbey-bladerkingdom:
  9. Halloween :.Ce.: by xXCrona-CakesXx :bulletgreen: :iconxxcrona-cakesxx: xXCrona-CakesXx
  10. :bulletorange: :iconcindywolf0: cindywolf0
  11. Amy's Costume by XxDarkMidnightRoseXx :bulletgreen: :iconxxdarkmidnightrosexx: XxDarkMidnightRoseXx
  12. :bulletorange: :iconxbobbythx: xBobbyTHx
  13. <da:thumb id="410122760"/> :bulletgreen: :iconderpingking: DerpingKing
  14. :bulletorange: :iconsonamy244: sonamy244
  15. :bulletorange: :iconcaitlinthehedgehog34: caitlinthehedgehog34
  16. ~CONTEST ENTRY~ Knuxouge Halloween by OoamyroseoO:bulletgreen: :iconooamyroseoo: :devooamyroseoo:
  17. .:CE ~Halloween Time by BellaaHedgehog :bulletgreen: :iconbellaahedgehog: BellaaHedgehog
  18. CE: Halloween Party by JennySaphireLeyla :bulletgreen: :iconjennysaphireleyla: JennySaphireLeyla
  19. Maria and Blaze. Halloween costumes! by HoneySparky :bulletgreen: :iconhoneysparky: HoneySparky
  20. :bulletorange: :iconlillydoom: LillyDoom
  21. :bulletorange: :iconfairlyoddme: fairlyoddme
  22. :bulletyellow: :iconwildgirl23: WILDGIRL23
  23. CE Amy rose costume: Inner Moka by RachaelTheHedgehog21 :bulletgreen: :iconrachaelthehedgehog21: RachaelTheHedgehog21
  24. :bulletorange: :icondeadmau5nstuff: Deadmau5Nstuff
  25. <da:thumb id="402148311"/> :bulletgreen: :iconsatchey-metal: Satchey-Metal
  26. :bulletorange: :iconmariostrikermurphy: MarioStrikerMurphy
  27. Rouge and Sparky Halloween (Contest Entry) by Infernothefox :bulletgreen: :iconinfernothefox: Infernothefox
  28. halloween contest - witch amy! by xBobbyTHx :bulletgreen: :iconxbobbythx: xBobbyTHx
  29. contest: Sonic, Julia and Sally as Powerpuff Girls by ToonKing2 :bulletgreen: :icontoonking2: ToonKing2
  30. .:CE:. They're Going To Get You by Nikki-Kaji :bulletgreen: :iconnikki-kaji: Nikki-Kaji

:bulletgreen: = I've completed the entry!

:bulletorange: = I've not completed the entry yet!

:bulletyellow: = I might join, it will depend on schedule.

:bulletblue: = Disqualified (Due To Rulebreaking)

:bulletblack: = Disqualified (Due To Giving Up)

Good luck!


Can I use my FC?

Sure you can! ALTHOUGH you must include a Sonic Official (E.g. Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Tails etc.)

Can I use a character from another series?

Sure, but you must tell me a bit about the character or link to a reference/etc. in the description or comment.

Can I post a couple/shipping?

You can post what you like as long as it sticks within the rules.

Contest Ends On:

31st of October 2013

Judging Date = 1st of November 2013

Posting Dates = 1st or 2nd of November.

Maybe extended due to entries.

Skin by SimplySilent
Skin by SimplySilent (modified by icefatal)
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